Machine building

With a worldwide market share of 36%, the European machine-building sector is one of the largest industrial sectors of Europe. The European machine building sector lends its success on the innovative products of outstanding quality and the knowledge and skill of its workers.
The machine building industry in general builds machines for customers ranging from the agricultural sector, mining, climate control, industry and building sectors to energy companies in gas, electricity and water.

We at Mulder-Hardenberg are specialized in a variety of products and solutions for the machine building industry. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of our wide assortment of high quality products and can help you decide whichever product is best for your situation. If desired we can often help you customize our products to create customer-specific solutions. Our one-stop shopping solutions consist of products and services in the following product groups:

Mulder-Hardenberg have several specialties that can assist our customers in the machine building industry with their projects. For each of these specialties our product experts are glad to assist you with any project or question you might have:

In the past Mulder-Hardenberg has worked together with a lot of different customers in the machine building industry to help them with their challenges. See our related cases for some of the projects we’ve implemented for our customers.

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