MiniMark Industrial Label Printer

The Brady MiniMark™ Industrial Label Printer offers an affordable sign and label making system that is compact, fast, and incredibly versatile.

Ease of use, high print quality, compact size. The MiniMark™ Solution is the ideal blend of user-friendliness and creativity at a competitive cost. At last, a solution for everyone.

Ease of use and minimal required space. Time-saving, user-friendly. From your PC you can effectively create your own messages, symbols, pictograms, bar codes, mailing labels, pipe markers, signage…

Variety of print media. Printing on adhesive banners or die-cut labels allows for multiple uses (indicator signs, safety labels, production management, stock and fixed assets management…).


  • Safety Signs
  • Pipe Markers
  • Management of Fixed Assets
  • Informational and Directional Information
  • Identification of Hazardous Substances
  • Maintenance

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