Laboratory Identification

Mulder-Hardenberg's line of laboratory identification products are designed to serve the world's biotechnology, agricultural, environmental and forensic researchers. Whether you work in pathology, histology, chromatography or other areas of science, Brady labelling solutions can help you maintain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Brady’s special self-laminating or wrap around label protects your label’s legend from extreme temperature, chemicals and solvents.

  • Printing is readable every time
  • Easy bar coding and scanning allowing researchers to include more label information and drastically reduce human error
  • Labels that “match” existing vial, slide, and well plate sizes
  • Clear portion wraps around and laminates the legend
  • Provides window to view liquid level inside vial
  • Low profile label resists jamming in centrifuge or racks
  • Labels withstand hot water baths, liquid nitrogen (-196°C), freezer (-80°C), autoclave (+121°C) and chemicals like Xylene, DMSO and Ethanol

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