Safety Signs

Safety signs in the workplace are an indispensable way of protecting employees from accidents. Their purpose is to convey information in a comprehensive way about objects and situations that can be dangerous. In case of a fire, for instance, well placed signs can speed up the evacuation of a building and help those giving first aid.

Common dangerous situations are:

  • Marked-out danger zones.
  • Danger of falling objects.
  • Trip hazards and slippery floors.
  • Exposure to harmful substances, gases or vapours.
  • Machines being repaired or being in maintenance.
  • Fast evacuation of contaminated places, etc...

The following methods can be used to reduce the risks of these dangerous situations:

  • Safety signs that use symbols or text with a recognised safety colour.
  • Labels that identify products, leads, pipes etc.
  • Safety lock systems for valves, installations etc.
  • Posts, chains and tapes to indicate dangerous zones.

PDF content

  1. Safety Signs Regulations
  2. British Standard Fire Exit & Emergency Escape Signs
  3. Emergency Exit Signs
  4. General Safe Condition & First Aid Signs
  5. Fire Equipment Signs
  6. Extinguisher Code Signs
  7. Fire Action Mandatory Signs
  8. Mandatory Safety Signs
  9. Hazard Warning Signs
  10. Explosive Atmosphere Signs
  11. Prohibition Signs
  12. Multi-Message Signs
  13. Construction Site Safety Signs
  14. Harsh Environment Signs
  15. Photoluminescent Signs
  16. Statutory & Information Notices
  17. Reflective Traffic & Works Safety Signs
  18. Vandal Resistant Traffic & Property Signs
  19. Mini-pictograms
  20. Transport Signs
  21. Maritime Transport Signs
  22. NFPA Placard
  23. IMO Safety Signs – BradyGlo™
  24. Mounting Systems
  25. Extra Large Safety Signs

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